Just one vote, why bother?

I received this really interesting letter in the virtual post bag this week. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would post it in its entirety! Hope you enjoy it too.


Welcome reader, to the musings of post-apathy, to the thoughts of a re-enfranchised citizen – I write with hope, it would make my day if by the time I am finished you look up from the screen with the same hope.

Ursula LeGuin supposed in ‘The Left hand of Darkness’, with an exchange between an envoy and a kings cousin that: “Things aren’t as they were in our grandparents’ days are they?”

“I scarcely know sir, but I’ve heard the same lament on other worlds

It seems prophetic to me, the notion that such a complaint would translate to other worlds, civilizations and cultures. To us, on our little island imbued with ‘Great’, as both an assertion and a self assurance, we are surrounded by the ideals of past glory.


Yet here you are, displaying fervency of open mind, reading a post about why an individual has chosen to support the Green Party. The connection? Things indeed aren’t how they were in our grandparents’ day, and such misplaced nostalgia now feels more the worn fingertips of the political classes as they cling to the precipice of power.


It stands to reason that you are already aware of the dangers of climate change and Mr Hall’s commitment to help fight it, you have an understanding that he is from a party of inclusivity, of diversity, and of acceptance. Yet there remains a piece of knowledge I do not wish to make assumptive, or to presume; indeed to understate in any way, shape or form. The belief of Darren Hall, of the Green Party, of you the reader, and I the writer; in a better democracy.


If you have to choose one reason to support the green party, what would it be? For me it is this new, more nuanced, compassionate understanding of democracy. Taking from the greased hair, stuffy wood panel lined rooms, and closed door meetings of Westminster; a power we were promised when they said we were born to a democracy.


The power have your say over your child’s school, the power to insist on a serviceable affordable home, the power to have the choice of an education regardless of your background or income, the power to work together – on local as well as national levels – to achieve a better life for the people you see around you in your community.


Sometimes ideas can sound too small or too big, too insignificant or too unattainable. Now is a good time to remember the hope I spoke of. We are at a juncture in our own unfolding history. Will we get to say to our children, and grandchildren, that we pressed on with hope, with new ideas and dreams, that we envisaged a better future? Or will we say we sent the same people back, again and again, year after year to refill the the festering pit of misery that is Westminster?


Everything starts with an enriched democracy, from changing the way we treat our environment to how we treat the most in need among us; the Green Party’s vision of democracy is something I believe to be worth writing about. For just one more vote, one more person questioning how it is, or asking their friends how they feel; is what I believe in. For the sake of posterity and our history – it is also what the Green Party believe, and what Darren Hall believes.

Yours sincerely

Tony Mears

Tony Mears

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