Good Bristol


This is a cover shot of our second edition, which included the Big Green Week programme.

Good Bristol is a communications project that emerged from the Green Capital Partnership in 2010 as a result of Alastair Sawday’s book “The Guide to Good Living”. The project aims to bring ‘green’ messages to a much more mainstream audience, giving people easy access to information that allows them to make better choices. Currently, the project consists of a magazine and a website.

The central idea is to communicate in a way that doesn’t conform to people’s preconceptions or stereotypes of ‘old-skool’ hippies and lentils. The magazine’s editorial style is one of smart urban living, and articles are crowd-sourced from people and organisations around the city. The website ( is a listings site giving information about good projects, businesses and organisations across the city. Our next step is to produce a mobile application.

Good Bristol is a not-for-profit project run for the benefit of the city, and is managed in a way that reflects the partnership working that goes on in Bristol. If you would like to get involved, be featured, help publicise it, get in touch here or e-mail us at

You can download the latest edition here: Good Bristol Edition 2. The magazine is published by The Spark, edited by Darren Hall, and designed by Andy Ballard

Just for fun, here is the video from our magazine launch party:

Good Bristol proved that people are interested in am informative physical publication, but also showed just how difficult it is to raise the advertising revenue necessary to make a magazine a going concern. Good Bristol is being folded into a new organisation that is emerging from Big Green Week, due to be launched in 2016 as part of the legacy of Bristol European Green Capital year in 2015.